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    The world’s most widely used and respected hairdressing educational system, Pivot Point, has created a Long Hair styling book like no other. In conjunction with acclaimed international hairstylist Sharon Blain, the book explains complex hair styling techniques in an easy and clear format for the commercial hairstylist. For 50 years Pivot Point has explained the hows and whys of hair design to engage and excite young hairdressers. Today is no different. With the release of the new Long Hair styling book, Pivot Point makes intricate up-dos and high fashion hairstyles something that is accessible to all hairdressers. Using a range of different educational platforms such as, hands-on DVDs, Look Books, Notetaking programs and Lesson plans. Available from November this year, Long Hair focuses on the development of commercial long hair styling. This collection offers a wide range of looks, which showcases techniques and skills that make hairstyling a true art form. The skills taught in this book will help build a stylists clientele and their reputation for being an expert in Long Hair. Learn More
  2. Ladies’ Increase Rectangle - Hairdressing Mannequins and Hairdressing Snap Cap

    Ladies’ Increase Rectangle Snap Cap Mannequin

    An essential component of Snap Cap System for ladies' hair sculpture program. Perfect haircutting skills on a smaller section of 100% human hair before moving onto full head excercises. Learn More
  3. Hair Swatches - Dark + Grey Mix Set (10 pc) - Hairdressing tools

    Hair Swatches - Dark Brown + Grey Mix Set (12 pc)

    Hair swatch set in dark brown & grey ; mixed Indian and goat hair, length 5.5cm width 1.3cm. Learn More

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